In my artistic practice I work with blown glass objects, treating their surfaces with engraving, sandblasting and other abrasion techniques. I explore the perception of glass as a material and often combine a strict form with organic illusion. Glass is said to be an amorphous material, both liquid and fixed. I’m interested in transitions and transformations and play with the idea of a material undergoing continuous change, both symbolically and associatively.

Sigrid Bjørbæk

Kretsen / the Orbit / орбита

Sigrid Bjørbæk. Vadsø, 2018

Duve, dykke, duppe

Vegard Johannessen. Vadsø, 2018

Vessel (you promised me poems)

Sigrid Bjørbæk, 2016

I confide to anything
So I have to hide from everything.
Everybody wants a piece of me.
Rinse the origin and cease to be

(From Poems written by Hall/ Thaws)


Vegard Johannessen, 2015


Sigrid Bjørbæk, 2015

Wax/Wane (Ny/ne) consists of eight blown glass balls which, after cooling, have been subjected to sawing, engraving and sanding. The balls appear to have both an interior room and an exterior surface that changes appearance in relation to the viewer’s movement. By giving the forms a horizontal serial arrangement, a landscape emerges which sees – as our eyes see – both outwards and inwards. So also when studying the moon: we experience the passing of time and that we are moving ever closer to the end of our own existence.

Look book


Vegard Johannessen


Sigrid Bjørbæk